Travel, travel everywhere and not enough time to go

I love to travel. If there is anything on the planet that I love to do more than anything else, it is travel.

There isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t look up some fun new place to check out, some awesome new restaurant to try or how much plane tickets are to some place interesting.

Since graduating from college, I have slowly been able to make my way around the world, but there is still so much to see!

Thankfully, my husband loves travel as much as I do, so he is always game for a new adventure.

Here are some of the places we have been. Click on each link for stories on the specific destinations.




Road trips from Myrtle Beach

In addition to writing about the places we have been in order to help you decide if you should go too, I also love to plan travel. I have spent many hours researching different ways to get to different places and where to find the best deals.

Please check out some of my travel planning tips and chime in on a few questions I still have.

Travel planning

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