Great find at Myrtle Beach State Park

Sand dollarThis weekend was another one spent at the beach. In our normal Saturday fashion, we pack up after lunch and head the 10-15 miles down to the beach.

This year, we purchased a South Carolina State Park pass and have been thoroughly enjoying Myrtle Beach State Park. So far, I would say it has the best beaches on the Grand Strand.

This Saturday, however, was a special one as I found a real sand dollar in nearly perfect condition!!!

I have never, ever found anything like this at the beach before….plus I am not always looking.

Well, this Saturday, I wasn’t looking again and viola! I see a round thing floating in the water and I immediately recognized it. I started yelling “oh my gosh, oh my gosh!”

Brandon got worried that I hurt myself until I scooped up the sand dollar. He was shocked and amazed.

The rest of the day, I couldn’t stop looking at it. While it was drying, it did chip just a little bit, but the star part is still completely in tact.

Sand dollars are tough to find as I found out from a few of my friends’ posts on Facebook after I posted this picture.

I will treasure this sand dollar for the rest of my life and I will treasure the wonderful times had at the beach with my husband and Myrtle Beach State Park.

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