Hiking a huge hill in Howth, Ireland

Scary stairs

Every once in a while, my husband gets the crazy idea that we should go hiking. Most of the time, I am 100 percent on board and mentally prepared for it. However, on our day trip to Howth, about 20 minutes by train from Dublin, I had NO idea that we would be hiking up a very large hill on the other side of the peninsula, but we did and it was magnificent. Continue reading

A day in the Wicklow Mountains

Wicklow Mountains in Wicklow County, Ireland
DunLaoghaire Harbour

When I think of Ireland, I think of green grassy hills, beautiful valleys and fields of Heather growing wild. Well, when we headed to the countryside near Dublin, that is exactly what we saw and it was absolutely stunning. We went on the Wild Wicklow Tour that took us to the coastal area of DunLaoghaire Harbour and past the richer parts of the area called Dalkey and Killiney. Continue reading