New adventures, again!

Well, this is exciting. We are starting a new adventure – in the hopes that it will grow (literally) into a FARM!

A garden is always a work in progress.

Yes, for those who know me, having a farm is a dream of mine. I love (LOVE) to garden, I love farm animals and I love the hard work it takes to make a garden successful.

So, we’ve created Pig Dog Farms to start things out. I am still gardening in the backyard and I am definitely NOT an expert. I’ve had my fair share of mistakes this year – and in year’s past.

I am so excited to share this new project/idea with you. Please go take a look – and let me know what you think. And, of course, any gardening advice is always welcome.

Here is the link to our new website: Pig Dog Farms.

The adventures of dog named Pig

Pig in the back seat
Piggy on another adventure

There once was a dog named Pig. He was what is known as a Valley Bulldog, which is an English Bulldog/Boxer mix.

He was a very happy boy, who went on many adventures during his 11 and a half years.

But, he also had many obstacles to overcome. You see, he had hemophilia – a blood disorder that made him very delicate.

HOWEVER, none of that stopped him from loving life and loving adventures. Continue reading