Within driving distance…

Road trips are by far one of the best ways to travel and see new places. You can easily pack up the car in the morning and in just a few hours you are in a completely new place with plenty to see, eat and explore.

The husband and I love to go on road trips.

Here are just a few that we have been on recently:

Music city is more than just music

Music city is more than just music

Having a drink in Bourbon Country, Kentucky

Having a drink in Bourbon Country, Kentucky


Looking back at Savannah, Ga.

Looking back at Savannah, Ga.

A short drive away: Charleston, S.C.

A short drive away: Charleston, S.C.

A foodie’s look at Asheville, N.C.

A foodie’s look at Asheville, N.C.

A quick trip to Wilmington, N.C.

A quick trip to Wilmington, N.C.

A day in Columbia: shopping, food and fun

A day in Columbia: shopping, food and fun

Autumn colors in the North Carolina mountains

Autumn colors in the North Carolina mountains

North America

north_america_large_detailed_political_map_with_capitals North America is a wonderland. From the bleak landscape of Canada to the multicultural United States and finally down to hot Mexico, there are many different landscapes, cultures and sights to experience and enjoy. I have been able to visit each part of the North American continent and loved every part.

Being from North Dakota, a trip to Canada wasn’t out of the question. When I was little, we made a few stops at the waterpark Kenosee in Saskatchewan and while in college, my roommate and I did a road trip to Winnipeg.

Also in college, I took my first spring break trip to California to see my grandmother and we went to Ensenada for the day. It was a wonderful trip.

Growing up, we didn’t take a lot of vacations. Whenever we did, we went somewhere to see family. However, because our family lived in different states including California, Arizona and Wyoming, I was able to see most of the West Coast with my family. I really didn’t write about these trips, but I wish I would have so I could remember all we did.

Since getting married, the husband and I have made a point to travel around the East Coast.

Some day, I hope to explore more of Canada, more of Mexico and to visit all 50 states of the United States.

Until then, here is what I have written about some of the places we have been:

Road trips

Puerto Rico

Foodie finds in Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach is a tourist destination. People come from all around to enjoy the beach, sun and fun.Farm Fresh produce

In a tourist town, it is sometimes hard to find a restaurant doing something different or a place where you can get items actually grown/made with love and care instead of for the masses.

When we first moved here in 2008, there were only a few places that really took pride in locally-sourced foods and homemade recipes. Continue reading

European Adventures


Courtesy photo

Europe. Nearly every person, who loves to travel, dreams about visiting Europe. It is full of history, great food, wonderful people and spectacular sights.

My first trip to Europe was in between my junior and senior year of high school. We started in Venice and ended in Rome. The 12-day trip really opened my eyes to travel and gave me a strong wanderlust that I can’t control to this day.

It would be 10 years before I would make it to Europe again. Life got in the way, but we knew we wanted to get to Europe, so we started saving and by 2013 we had enough to go to France and Spain for two weeks.

After those two weeks and nearly every day since then, we have been planning and plotting our next adventures to Europe and to different places all over the world.

In 2014, we spent a week in Ireland and in 2016, we plan to spend some time in Italy in the Emilia Romagna region where the food is the best.

After that, who knows! We will just have to see where the road takes us.

Until then, please check out these three countries we have been to:




Hotel vs. AirBnb

Exploring Marseille, France

View from our apartment in Marseille

When we were planning out first trip to Europe, I scoured the internet to find the perfect place for us to stay. I looked at hotels, hostels, apartments, hotel suites, long-stay places and any other room you can imagine. However, none of them seemed just right.

Our goal while in Marseille, France and then Barcelona, Spain was to live like the locals do. Continue reading

Where to go in Myrtle Beach?

The Grand Strand is really, quite grand. From North Myrtle Beach to Georgetown, there are more than 60 miles of beaches for tourist and locals alike to enjoy. Because so many people want to visit and live at the beach, there are plenty of fun, amazing things to do to occupy your vacation time and your spare time, if you are a local.

Having lived here for nearly a decade, it is tough to get out there and remember, as you are sitting in bumper to bumper traffic, why people love to come here.

So, in order to fall in love with my tourist town again, I have set out to find the gems that both tourists and locals can love.

Here are two categories that Myrtle Beach, and the Grand Strand, are known for:



Travel, travel everywhere and not enough time to go

I love to travel. If there is anything on the planet that I love to do more than anything else, it is travel.

There isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t look up some fun new place to check out, some awesome new restaurant to try or how much plane tickets are to some place interesting.

Since graduating from college, I have slowly been able to make my way around the world, but there is still so much to see!

Thankfully, my husband loves travel as much as I do, so he is always game for a new adventure.

Here are some of the places we have been. Click on each link for stories on the specific destinations.




Road trips from Myrtle Beach

In addition to writing about the places we have been in order to help you decide if you should go too, I also love to plan travel. I have spent many hours researching different ways to get to different places and where to find the best deals.

Please check out some of my travel planning tips and chime in on a few questions I still have.

Travel planning

Music city is more than just music

Nashville is known as Music City. The bars downtown are full of country music lovers and musicians hoping to make it big. I am neither of those. The best part of a country song is when you play it backwards and the singer gets their car back, their dog back and their girlfriend back. (yes, I know that is a horrible joke.)

But, when the opportunity to stop in Nashville on the way home from Bourbon Country arose, we jumped at the opportunity. Continue reading

Having a drink in Bourbon Country, Kentucky


Maker’s Mark Distillery in Loretto, Kentucky

About seven years ago, my husband joined the Maker’s Mark Ambassadors club. In that club, you get your name on a barrel of whiskey in the hopes that when it is ready, you will come and buy some out of that barrel. They send you Christmas presents every year and let you know periodically how your bourbon is aging. Continue reading