Must eats in South Carolina

Southern food is on the rise. Almost every travel show has been to the south and many chefs around the country work to emulate some of the best southern dishes.

From fried chicken and collard greens to barbecue and macaroni and cheese, South Carolina has it all.

Here are some of the “must-eats” in South Carolina:

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Courtesy photo from

1. Barbeque/Barbecue/BBQ – However you spell it, South Carolina has the best barbecue around. There are four types of sauces depending on where you are in the state. The coastal region has vinegar based sauce, the midlands has mustard based and the upstate has light and heavy tomato based sauces. No matter how you sauce it, barbecue is a must try when visiting South Carolina.

2. Fried chicken – Along with barbecue, if the place you are eating at has a buffet, make sure you try the fried chicken. South Carolinians make it just right with a crispy skin and a moist, juicy inside. Delicious.

3. Greens – Almost any kind of greens can be made into a delicious dish when you add ham hock, onions and garlic. Collard greens and mustard greens are a favorite among many and go very well with fried chicken and barbecue.

4. Peaches and strawberries – Georgia might be called the Peach State, but South Carolina has some of the sweetest peaches around. There aren’t many better things than taking a bite out of a warm peach straight from the farmer’s market.

5. Chicken Bog – This is a regional dish known mostly to people in Horry (pronounced Oor-ee) County. It is chicken, rice and sausage all cooked together in one pot. There is even a Chicken Bog cook off in Loris, South Carolina every year because every cook has their own way of making it.

6. Oysters – South Carolina oysters are different than traditional oysters. They are called cluster oysters and are much smaller than ones found in other places. Oyster roasts are quite popular in the fall and winter when people gather to roast the oysters on a metal slab covered in a wet burlap sack.

7. Hash – This isn’t potatoes fried up in a skillet. This is stewed pork served over rice. A cross between a meat stew and a gravy, it’s the Palmetto State’s classic side dish, and it’s almost always served over a bed of white rice, according to CNN.

8. Meat and three – This is the holy grail of southern cooking. If you go to a diner cooking up southern fare, you will most likely be offered one meat, whether it is pork, chicken or beef, and three sides. These sides can be anything from greens to macaroni and cheese to watermelon. This is the best way to get a great meal and try some new things on the side.

Courtesy photo from

Courtesy photo from

9. Cornbread and hushpuppies – Cornbread and hushpuppies go with collard greens and rice and gravy like bread goes with butter. These breads are often used as a utensil to sop up the gravy or juices that come from your meal. Cornbreads are usually similar no matter where you go, but hushpuppies can either come sweet or savory. Both are very tasty.

10. Fried green tomatoes – What do you do when you pick a tomato too early? You batter it and fry it! Fried green tomatoes are a favorite among many. The tart, crisp tomato is paired perfectly with the fried outside and a creamy dipping sauce.

These are just a few of the great southern dishes that you can find in South Carolina. What are some that you love? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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