North America

north_america_large_detailed_political_map_with_capitals North America is a wonderland. From the bleak landscape of Canada to the multicultural United States and finally down to hot Mexico, there are many different landscapes, cultures and sights to experience and enjoy. I have been able to visit each part of the North American continent and loved every part.

Being from North Dakota, a trip to Canada wasn’t out of the question. When I was little, we made a few stops at the waterpark Kenosee in Saskatchewan and while in college, my roommate and I did a road trip to Winnipeg.

Also in college, I took my first spring break trip to California to see my grandmother and we went to Ensenada for the day. It was a wonderful trip.

Growing up, we didn’t take a lot of vacations. Whenever we did, we went somewhere to see family. However, because our family lived in different states including California, Arizona and Wyoming, I was able to see most of the West Coast with my family. I really didn’t write about these trips, but I wish I would have so I could remember all we did.

Since getting married, the husband and I have made a point to travel around the East Coast.

Some day, I hope to explore more of Canada, more of Mexico and to visit all 50 states of the United States.

Until then, here is what I have written about some of the places we have been:

Road trips

Puerto Rico

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