Where did the time go?

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What a ride these past few months have been. I swear it feels like they went by in a flash (but when I was stressing and so busy I couldn’t see straight they seemed to drag on forever.)
I haven’t posted anything on this blog since September, but that doesn’t mean the adventures were few and far between.

The first copy of the book!

Starting at the end of September, the company I work for prepared to celebrate the Town of Aynor’s 100th anniversary. To commemorate this joyous event, we put out a book filled with pictures and memories from the town’s people. By the time September rolled around, I was knee-deep in pictures, comments, phone calls and corrections.
The celebration was held Oct. 19 in the town park.
We had a great turnout of people and everyone loved the book.
(It sold out twice.)
After the book, I had hoped things would calm down a bit, but that wasn’t the case.
I learned through a friend that a local soldier who was MIA in World War II was returning home after more than 70 years. Through an interesting twist of fate, a woman in the country of Burma stumbled upon the plane wreckage and called authorities. During an excavation, a bone was found and it turned out to be this man’s, who was from Aynor, toe bone. The family offered DNA and mitochondrial DNA to confirm that it was their grandfather.
Oneal Rush was finally laid to rest Oct. 26 at his home in Aynor.

Cream cheese cinnamon rolls
After that story, it was school board meetings that lasted hours, the Waccamaw Indian’s Pauwau, helping to take care of our grandmother who is sick, deadlines, deadlines and more deadlines. 
November came with my husband and I getting ready for my parents and grandmother to visit for Thanksgiving and me working frantically to get enough done for the newspaper so I could enjoy the time I had with them.
December was much of the same as we scrambled to get enough content to fill the paper before the head honchos in the schools took their vacation. 
Turkey Trot 5K in Surfside Beach
In between all of that, I tried to take as many adventures (locally) as I could so we could put out our monthly edition of Visit! (www.mbvisit.com).

 It has been fun and tiring pretending to be a tourist and trying to think of new things every month to entertain people.
For January, the edition on stands now, we met up with Snowbirds enjoying the beach and asked what fun things they like to do along the Grand Strand. Check out the story here.
In between all of the work stuff, I also tried to fit in two 5k races,  yoga, baking, cooking, hanging out with my fellow book club members, buying Christmas presents and trying to get a little bit of sleep. 
I hope to get back into posting my adventures on the Grand Strand this month. 
We are also planning a trip to Dublin, Ireland in June, so stay tuned for our plans.

Thanks for reading!

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