A short drive away: Charleston, S.C.

Charleston, S.C.

Every few months, the husband and I just need to get away. We can’t take a big trip, but we just need some sort of adventure.
When those times come, we often go to Charleston, a mere two hour drive from our home in Myrtle Beach.
The ride is easy and the scenery is gorgeous.
We pass through old Georgetown, McClellanville and a little restaurant called See Wee that has some of the best seafood around.
Before we even get to Charleston, depending on the time of day, we always stop at Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s in Mount Pleasant.
Mount Pleasant is just 10 minutes from Downtown Charleston.
I know I know, it is cliche, but we don’t have these stores in Myrtle Beach and some things just are better at those stores including the wine and cheese.
After getting our staples from these two stores, we head to Downtown Charleston to see what is new and exciting since the last time we were there.
Whenever we know we are heading to Charleston, we always pick a restaurant that is either new or one that people are raving about.
Being the foodies we are, we look forward to this meal and research the menu days in advance.

Cheese plate
Once we find a parking space, the husband and I start our walking-tour of town. I swear everywhere we go we walk, walk and walk some more. But really, is there a better way to explore a place than on foot?
I just always have to remember to bring good shoes.
Charleston has a lot of rich history, old buildings, beautiful architecture, amazing shops and delicious restaurants.
Around every corner there is a beautiful building or a funky little shop to explore.
Our favorite shops are the tea and spice shop near the Market and a wonderful oasis for the cheese lovers called Goat. Sheep. Cow.
This little shop, on Church Street, has more than 40 varieties of cheese to taste and take home. I am embarrassed to say that we often take home more than $50 worth of these delicious delicacies every time we go. It is so worth it.

This past time we journeyed to Charleston, we checked out a cute little cocktail bar called The Gin Joint on East Bay Street. We have always seen the sign, but never stopped in.

Charleston homes are beautiful.

This tiny little bar has some great cocktails and a great atmosphere in which to enjoy them. I would highly recommend this place.
After our drinks and getting caught in a rain storm, we decided to check out the famed restaurant The Grocery on Cannon Street.
When we went it was Restaurant Week and so we enjoyed the prix fixe menu for $30 per person.
Anytime you can enjoy and get a good taste of an amazing restaurant at a good price, do it. It is very worth it.
The husband and I can easily spend an entire day just checking out shops and eating at restaurants, but there is so much more to Charleston than that. There are carriage rides, plantation tours, walking tours, history and stories.
You can also just enjoy the day at the park. Whatever suits your fancy.
Charleston is a great city and a perfect way to get away from daily life…even if it is just for one day.

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