Yoga … in a skirt

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I like to workout. Now, don’t give me that look. I am not an extreme worker-outer, but I do like it because it makes me feel healthy, happy and surprisingly gives me extra energy for the day.

My preferred method of working out is walking. I have been walking/running off and on for many years, but only in the past year have I really tried to make it part of my weekly schedule. I try to walk/run at least 45 minutes every other day.
However, when it is bitterly cold (though that doesn’t happen often in Myrtle Beach) or it is raining (that recently has been happening more), I try to do yoga to get my workout fix for the day.
I started following along with an app I got for free on my iPad, but I was told that I should go to a real class, at least a couple of times, so that I can make sure my poses are correct and that I wouldn’t hurt myself.
With my busy schedule, however, I hadn’t made time for an actual class.
For a story at my old job, my boss set up a time for her to attend a yoga class and then write a story about a recently-opened yoga business.
However, she had to attend a court bond hearing and couldn’t go…so she sent me.
  Not wanting to assume that I could take the class as well, I dressed in my regular work clothes (a white skirt and pink shirt) and went to the studio
When I got there, everyone encouraged me to not only take pictures during the class, but also to participate.
  Thankfully, as a rule, I always wear something under my skirts so that in the odd chance a Marilyn Monroe moment comes up, I am covered.
  I took a spot in the corner so no one could see up my skirt, and followed along with the instructor.
Let me tell you, it was the BEST experience I have had in the exercise world.
The instructor was so gentle and her voice was so soothing. Being that I try to stay flexible so I don’t hurt myself running, I felt comfortable doing the stretches, but nothing was beyond what a beginner could do.
It was so freeing to only worry about where my arms were, how to stay balanced and to breathe correctly.
Usually, my mind is racing from one thought about work to another thought about what to have for dinner.

Over the years, I have learned to deal with my racing mind, but it was so wonderful to put it on the back burner for an hour and just focus on myself and my body’s movement. I was so moved by the experience and by connecting my mind and body that I began to cry.

An old friend who has taken yoga for many years told me that if you hold in stress or unexpressed feelings, yoga can help rid you of those emotions. She also told me it is completely normal.

The class was an hour long, and, when we were finished, I couldn’t wait to start another one. I signed up that minute for four more classes.

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