A hypnotizing evening at Brookgreen Gardens

Brookgreen Gardens is SO beautiful and I will be returning soon.

For the first time in almost five years, I went to Brookgreen Gardens.

I know, I know. That is shocking considering it is one of the most beautiful places along the Grand Strand other than the beach itself.

Elise Testone belts out a tune at Brookgreen Gardens.

But, before Friday, for some unknown reason, I never made the time to go and now that I have, I kind of regret any lost time I could have spent there.

For our first trip to Brookgreen Gardens, we went to enjoy the Cool Summer Evenings concert series. This time it featured Elise Testone.

Every Friday through Aug. 9, a new artist fills the gardens with great music. Check the schedule here.

I watched Elise Testone on American Idol and really enjoyed her style. She has performed in the area before,  but I never made it to one of her concerts until now.

Let me tell you, surrounded by the beauty of Brookgreen and the beauty of her voice, it was mesmerizing. I couldn’t help but be hypnotized by it all.

A ticket to Brookgreen Gardens is $14 per person and is good for seven days including the day you bought the ticket. Knowing that, my husband and I have already planned a return trip sometime this week.

Since we got to the concert a few minutes past 7 p.m. (and the concert started at 7) we didn’t get to see much of the gardens. Check back here later this week for more on the actual gardens and the zoo.

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