The last stop on the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk

The patio at the 8th Avenue Tiki Bar and Grill is at the end of the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk. (Photo by Heather Gale)

If you read my previous post about my recent adventure out on the town, you will remember that I said we went bar hopping.

I am not the usual bar hopper. Occasionally, I will go out for a drink, but I am not one to take the time to stop at more than one place. Why would I when I find a comfortable spot on the patio of a beach front restaurant?

Well that is how I felt when we stopped at 8th Avenue Tiki Bar and Grill in Myrtle Beach. Why would I ever want to leave this place? Forget about work, forget about catching the latest TV show. I want to stay right here.

I am assuming many people felt the same way because as we were sitting there enjoying our beer and appetizers, all the seats outside slowly filled up.

Anyways, here are the details about our recent trip to 8th Avenue Tiki Bar and Grill.
It is located at the corner of 8th Avenue and Ocean Boulevard in Downtown Myrtle Beach at the south end of the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk.
In fact, the boardwalk ends on its patio. This is very convenient for visitors who have spent the day at the beach or walking around downtown to jump on the boardwalk and find a cool beer waiting for them at the end.
The Buffalo Shrimp were DELICIOUS!
Kristyn, my husband and I found a spot on the shaded patio just off the bar with a beautiful view of the ocean. The music was a bit too loud on the patio, but I am also getting a bit old so loud music isn’t my thing anymore.
It was happy hour when we arrived so domestic beers (bottles and draft) were on special as well as 20 percent off appetizers.
We decided on the Buffalo Jumbo Shrimp with a blue cheese sauce and Crispy Calamari with a sweet orange chili marmalade.
They were not large appetizers for the price, but just enough to get our appetites wet.
The buffalo sauce was great, but the blue cheese sauce needed more blue cheese. The calamari was delicious and the marmalade was the perfect combination.
The Crispy Calamari was perfect with the orange marmalade sauce.
Had we not planned to hit up Dirty Don’s Oyster Bar as well that evening, I would have been just fine sitting on the patio for a few more minutes…..or hours.
Read more about 8th Avenue Tiki Bar and Grill in the July edition of Visit!

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