Eatin’ some seafood and enjoyin’ some beer

The oysters at Dirty Don’s Oyster Bar on the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk are HUGE. I have never eaten oysters that big. They were kind of hard to open, but thanks to our handy dandy server they were all devoured. (Photo by Heather Gale)

It is not a regular occurrence for me to go out on a Friday night. Usually, by that time I am exhausted from a busy week and would rather just chill at home with my husband, dogs and a bottle of wine.

However, on a rare occasion that I do go out, I try to make it a new, fun experience with friends.

This past Friday, my new partner in crime and coworker, Kristyn Winch, and I decided to try out some disc golf at Tupelo Bay in Garden City and hit up a few places to eat along Ocean Boulevard in Myrtle Beach.

I was not good at disc golf, but as MVP of my middle school frisbee golf team I was decent.  (Photo by Kristyn Winch)

(read about our disc golf adventure on Kristyn’s blog: here.)

After an exhilarating round of disc golf that neither of us excelled at, we decided to try a our hand at beer and dinner. (I had a feeling I was going to do better at those two things than at disc golf.)

Moseying down the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk in Downtown Myrtle Beach, we came across Dirty Don’s Oyster Bar. This is a popular restaurant for tourists and locals and the Boardwalk location is the third one along the Grand Strand.
Before the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk, Ocean Boulevard was where all the visitors gathered. Between the boulevard and the ocean, however, was a dark, shady looking place. Not so anymore, now the space that was once dark is now full of life, restaurants and visitors.
We grabbed a seat in the area actually on the Boardwalk looking into the restaurant and out onto the beach. The bar inside was just starting to pick up, so we were lucky to grab a prime-location seat.
The menu has plenty of appetizers, seafood options and “land” options, but the seafood is where its at. My husband ordered a dozen raw oysters on the half shell, Kristyn ordered the Crab Cake basket with fries and I ordered a dozen steamed oysters.
I have had oysters only a few times before and they have always been the small cluster oysters found locally in Murrells Inlet. I enjoy those because they are easy to open and aren’t big.
However, The oysters at Dirty Don’s were HUGE and I could barely open them. Thankfully, our server was handy with the oyster shucker and got all the juices and large oyster morsels on my plate in one piece.
Kristyn’s crab cake looked full of crab and delicious, but the fries were definitely the star. They were crispy and golden to perfection. My husband enjoyed his raw oysters and had a few of my steamed ones as well.
In all, our adventure to disc golf and bar hopping in Myrtle Beach was a complete success. I may just have to go out a few more Friday nights if this pattern of fun continues.
Check back soon for my thoughts on the 8th Avenue Tiki Bar.

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